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Five reasons why cats should be sterilized

by Pets Sos

When talking about cat care in general, and the heat of the cats in particular, always ends up bringing up the subject of the sterilization. Then doubts arise. Should I do it to my furry friend? Will he backfire? What risks does it have if I decide to take it to the vet for it?

So that you stop thinking about it today we deal with this topic. We are going to tell you which are the five main reasons why it is convenient to sterilize catsas well as some other advice that will come in handy in this regard.

What is sterilization?

Cat/Photo: Unsplash

Let’s start first by making it clear what is sterilization. It is a relatively simple procedure by which the feline’s sexual glands are removed. As a result, heat is thus eliminated and reproduction of the animal is prevented.

Sterilization occurs in two different ways if we are talking about cats or female cats, although in both cases it must be carried out by a vet feeding the animal general anesthesia. In males, it is enough to make a small incision, but in females, it is a slightly more complex operation, since the ovaries must be removed. He best time to perform this type of intervention It’s around five months when the cat has not yet developed sexually.

Improve health and prevent cancer

Sterilizing your feline, be it a cat or a cat, has a health advantage that are worth considering. And this operation contributes to avoid that develops tumors ovaries, uterus, breasts, prostate or testicles. Thus, it serves as prevention method against diseases such as cancer in cats. In addition, it is also an appropriate way to control possible endocrine diseases.

Reduce aggressive behaviors

Aggressive cat/Photo: Pixabay

If we talk about cats, with sterilization you will get them to show themselves less aggressive, in addition to that they will stop marking the places with urine, something they do mainly to attract the attention of the cats. Those rivalries between males will also end, especially if you have several at home, both for females and for territorial issues.

In general, when you sterilize a malethis becomes tamer. Likewise, the cats will show quitestand those meows that do not stop constantly releasing during the mating season will also cease.

prevent it from escaping

Since they will not feel the need to find a partner for reproductive purposes, both male and female cats they will stop escaping or trying to leave the house for that reason, which will also reduce the chances that you could lose your beloved four-legged friend or get run over trying to cross a street. You will save yourself a terrible upset.

Increase the life expectancy of your cat

cat in bed
Cat in bed/Photo: Unsplash

By reducing the possibility of suffering tumor diseases and the possibility of fighting with other cats for reasons of territoriality, or escaping abroad in search of a partner, sterilizing your cat increases its Life expectancy.

In fact, neutered cats tend to live longer than those who are not. Studies carried out so far estimate that sterilized cats live up to 62% longer than those that are not, while in the case of females the percentage is 39%.

Avoid uncontrolled reproduction

Of course, we cannot forget that you will prevent your four-legged friend from ending up having a litter, with the difficult decision of finding several pups at home that you did not count on. Without a doubt, this is the contraceptive method more effective for avoid uncontrolled reproduction of the felines

Risks and care

Cat head/Photo: Pixabay

This type of operation is routine if it is carried out by a professional vet, so the cat will not run any risk. It is a rapid interventionwhich hardly requires a quarter of an hour, and the postoperative is simple. Remember that your four-legged friend has to stay quiet at home for about three days. For your part, you must ensure that the wound with the stitches from the operation does not become infected and evolve properly, just as it happens to any of us when we get a few stitches.

Finally, remember that your cat does not have to gain weight after sterilization. The only thing you should keep in mind is that your metabolism will become something Slower and, as their physical activity decreases, will consume less energy. For this reason, it is necessary to adapt a feeding routine appropriate to the habits of our furry friend and that he does not eat more than what he really needs because it will not burn him. In this way, he will not gain weight after the operation.

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