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5 Beginner Dog Breeds That Are Extra Friendly

by Pets Sos

First Pet: 5 Dog Breeds That Are Great For Beginners

With these five dog breeds that are great for beginners, you're guaranteed to make the right decision when buying your first pet.

Which dog breeds are sociable, suitable for families and suitable for beginners? After all, buying a pet should be well thought out. So that you are satisfied with your first four-legged friend, we present five dog breeds that are suitable for beginners.

Dogs need lots of exercise, attention and variety. Therefore, do not underestimate the great responsibility that a four-legged friend will weigh on your shoulders, because no matter what the weather is like, your dog still needs to be able to exercise. Not an easy task when it is also your first pet. Ideally, this should be friendly, sociable and family-friendly. With these five dog breeds, however, you are spot on as a beginner.

Suitable for beginners: These five dog breeds are particularly friendly

A small dog is not always easier to keep than a larger one. It is often even the large four-legged friends that can quickly adapt to a person’s everyday life. One thing is certain: every dog, regardless of age or breed, needs attention and time.

1. The popular family dog: poodles

Poodles are considered to be particularly intelligent animals that are well suited as family dogs. In the 14th century, the curly pedigree dog was used to hunt waterfowl, such as ducks. Because of its willingness to learn and its ability to be trained, the poodle was often used as a show dog in the circus from the 20th century, and later it became a popular family dog.

His people-oriented nature makes it easy for beginners to get used to the dog. Because poodles are very receptive from an early age, you should start learning commands early. Dog trainers or a guidebook can help you and your four-legged friend to get used to it. It is important that poodles are challenged throughout their lives. If a dog is neglected or bored, it will exhibit conspicuous, atypical behavior.

2. The docile golden retriever

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. No wonder, because the good-natured four-legged friend not only looks cute, but is also characterized by a particularly friendly character. In the past, golden retrievers were used as retrievers when hunting wild birds. They brought killed birds back to their owners in their soft mouths.

This docility and loyalty can still be seen in the dogs today. Golden Retrievers are well suited to active families, because lounging is not for the active dog. If the needs for exercise and play are satisfied, nothing stands in the way of harmonious coexistence.

3. The Little Havanese

Beginners who want a small dog breed are well advised to take Havanese. The Cuban circus dog with European roots is quite uncomplicated to keep and is therefore well suited as a first dog. Even if the shoulder height of the pedigree dog is only up to 28 centimeters, the Havanser is not a lap dog. The bright four-legged friends are active, willing to learn and are considered to be particularly charming.

As a family dog, the Havanese enjoys spending time with his “pack” with whom he forms a strong bond. A bright head and a thirst for knowledge make it easy to train the little dog. Due to its small size, the Havanese’s need for exercise is easy to satisfy. Nevertheless, this dog breed also needs enough time and attention to be fully utilized and satisfied.

4. The playful pug

The pug is considered a particularly playful and humorous dog, which is why it can bring a lot of fun and liveliness into your everyday life. Around 2000 years ago, pugs were considered the “emperor’s dog” in China, which could only be held and touched by the emperor. In the course of history, the pedigree dog made its way to Europe, where it became a popular salon dog.

Pugs still enjoy human affection and attention today. The little dog is easy to train thanks to its loyalty and strong connection to people. Despite its short legs, the pug is a dog that loves to move.

5. The popular family dog: Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is known by many names, such as Dürrbächler, Gelbbäckler or Vieräugler, and is one of the most popular family dogs of all. Originally, the dog breed was used as a farm keeper in Switzerland. The four-legged friends also helped here with pulling carts and driving cattle.

These origins make Bernese Mountain Dogs a dog that is highly skilled with people. Due to a high stimulus threshold, the four-legged friend reacts calmly to its environment and is therefore particularly well suited for families with small children.

The decision for or against the dog: This will help you

Buying a dog should be a well-considered decision, because your everyday life and daily rhythm will change with the new family member. Counselors, dog trainers or veterinarians can give you more details about your desired breed.

Looking specifically for a pet that is family friendly? Then these four-legged friends are the right choice: These dog breeds are perfect as family dogs. We also introduce you to the fur noses that are perfect for working people. These dog breeds are suitable for working people.

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