Wire-haired dogs: care and maintenance

Today we are going to deal with the topic of care of dogs with hard hair, Also known colloquially as “wire hair”, they have a thick coat, which makes its texture hard and rigid. They are generally short-haired breeds, do not shed naturally, and should not be cut. Some of the most common wirehaired breeds are the schnauzerthe westiethe dachshund and the scottish. But it is also often found in mixed-breed dogs.

In general, they are very easy to care for, since dirt tends to accumulate much less with this type of coat. With whichthey usually enjoy healthy skin, a bright and intense color and a rough texture.

However, to keep it healthy and in good condition, it is important to include certain habits in our routine, such as the use of an appropriate shampoo that has been specifically designed for it and that helps prevent oiliness.

What care do wire-haired dogs need?

If you have a hard-haired dog, it is important that you take it to the pet groomer from time to time. It must be taken into account that these are dogs that do not shed their hair naturally, so we have to brush them two or three times a week. Currently, there are different types of brushes designed for it.

Refering to washing frequency Ideally, do it once a month, always using a shampoo formulated for hard hair. The professional techniques that are usually used in the care of wire-haired breeds are stripping and trimming.

  • Trimming or maintenance starting: It is a technique that consists of pulling out the hair instead of cutting it, so it cannot be done by anyone. The goal is to remove mature hair from the undercoat and outer coat, encouraging regrowth in a way that allows texture, shine and color to be preserved and improved.
  • Stripping or total ripping: What is sought with her is to enhance the color of the coat and make it strong and shiny. Thanks to this, dead hair is completely removed without causing any pain to the animal. In this way, you will feel fresher, more comfortable and healthier, since the risks of bacterial and fungal infections, and dermatitis are reduced. The difference with trimming is that it completely removes the hair, leaving the dog naked.

There are people who, due to lack of knowledge, comment on the Mistake to cut hair or use machines on wire-haired breeds, but the truth is that it is not recommended because it reduces the strength, hardness, shine and even the color of the hair. In addition, the dead hair will accumulate with the new one, causing the skin to not oxygenate properly and the follicles to become clogged, hindering the growth of new hair and possibly causing dermatitis and infections.

We recommend that you have hairdressing utensils at home such as combs, cards or mittens. But be careful when using scissors, knot cutters, or sharp tools, as they could harm your pet. Better go to a professional hairdresser or hairdresser.

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