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Veterinary information on cats with FLUT

by Pets Sos

The Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease or, more commonly known as FLUTD, is the generic name used in veterinary medicine to refer to the group of diseases that affect the lower part of the cat urinary tract.

Although these types of conditions can occur equally in males and females, it is true that males have a higher risk of obstruction than females.

in the post Learn all about kidney disease in catswe already told you the most technical aspects that encompass this condition and today, we will talk about the causes and you will discover what treatments exist and how you can do to prevent your cat from getting FLUTD.

Causes of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD)

In most FLUTD cases there is no single cause that determines it, but there are a large number of conditions that can cause symptoms of FLUTD in your feline

We tell you the most common:

Urinary stone formation

More commonly known as bladder stones. The appearance of these stones is caused by the accumulation of struvite and calcium oxalate in the rectal passages.

urethral obstruction

It occurs when the cat urethra crashes due to calculations. Once the urethra is completely blocked, the kidneys can no longer remove toxins from the blood. In this situation, you should go to the vet immediately.


It is the most common among cats under 10 years and, although today there is no specific test to determine if your cat suffers from this pathology or not, the diagnosis is made by excluding other symptoms.

Urine infection

It occurs when the urinary tract is infected with bacteria, fungi, or parasites. In cats, the urine infections are often related to other problems or diseases such as diabetes or kidney failure.

FLUTD Symptoms in Cats

If you notice that your cat has some of these symptoms:

  • Difficulty and pain when urinating
  • Urinating in small amounts
  • increased frequency of urination
  • Blood in the urine
  • meowing while urinating
  • Peeing outside the sandbox

Go to your vet as soon as possible since it is essential to detect the disease in time.

Tips to prevent urinary diseases in cats

Maintain an active life

Encouraging exercise and play will keep your cat fit and reduce the risk of kidney-related diseases.

change in diet

One of the easiest ways to modify our cat’s urine is through diet changes.

By improving the quality of the food it eats and making sure that it has the right degree of moisture, you will keep your cat hydrated, which will help improve urine quality.

Reduce stress

The stress It has been determined as one of the major trigger factors for the reappearance of symptoms related to urinary tract diseases.

Keep your cat in the same environment, no sudden changes in its territory nor prolonged absences will make you more relaxed and will prevent the appearance of these types of symptoms.

control overweight

In many cases, one of the greatest risks for those cats with FLUTD it is overweight. Therefore, you must control the food rations that your cat eats and make sure that he has a healthy and balanced diet.

If you need more information on this point, read our article โ€œ5 Tips to control my cat’s excess weightโ€œ

Treatments for cats with FLUTD

The treatment for cats with FLUTD It may vary depending on the cause of your illness. Therefore, a list of specific and unique guidelines cannot be given.

Always follow the instructions of your veterinarian and consult him in case of any doubt.

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