Tips for traveling with your dog by boat

Do you plan to leave boat holidays and you want your dog accompany you? In the same way that happens with air travel, there is no generic regulation in this regard, but each company establishes its rules based on the duration of the journey and the number of passengers.

While there are ferries that allow the access of dogs and other types of pets, others have it strictly prohibited. With which, it is recommended that you inform yourself of what it entails travel with dog by boat

What are the rules for traveling by boat with your dog?

If you have to travel by ferry, the companies establish certain Rules for traveling with a dog on a boat. But if you are thinking of taking a cruise, you have to take into account that most companies do not allow the presence of pets, regardless of their breed or size. Which is related to safety, hygiene and well-being issues. But even those that allow it, rarely let travel with the dog in the cabin

  • Normally, when making the reservation, you also have to purchase a additional boarding pass for our pet and that it has to be tied and muzzled both during boarding and disembarking, even if it does not fall within the framework of potentially dangerous breeds. In addition, as a general rule, it is established that passengers traveling with their dogs are the last to leave the ship.
  • Regardless of their size, dogs must travel within a approved carrier by the company or in properly conditioned cages to ensure that it is comfortable. It has to have good ventilation, have water available at all times and include impervious surfaces.
  • The space for dogs It has to be spacious, clean and ensure that the temperature is ideal for dogs throughout the entire trip. There are even shipping companies that have veterinary service 24 hours a day in case any of the dogs needed this kind of assistance.
  • Generally, dogs often travel on deck, in the garage or in other spaces on the boat that have good ventilation and are protected from cold and rain. However, there are also some companies that have areas set up for this purpose. And some, such as Trasmediterránea, allow dogs to travel in a cabin with their owner, although only on their fast boats and as long as the weight of the dog combined with that of the carrier does not exceed 6 kg.
  • Normally, dogs cannot leave the space designated for them during the trip. However, there are some companies that allow the owner to walk on the deck with his dog as long as it is on a leash and with a muzzle. Of course, guide or assistance dogs are always allowed to go with their owners.

Tips for traveling with a dog by boat

In addition to taking into account all these rules, before traveling it is recommended that you take into account some issues so that you can travel with your dog comfortably without this causing you any kind of discomfort.

1. Avoid dizziness

Just like us, our dogs can also feel dizzy when traveling by boat. To know if he is dizzy, it is convenient that you look if he is generating too much saliva, if he vomits or if he poops or pees on himself. If your dog tends to get dizzy, it is advisable that you provide him with a motion sickness medication, which has to be prescribed by a vet. Besides, It is convenient that you do not feed him before getting on the boat. In this way, you will prevent him from suffering indigestion due to the movement of the tide.

2. Bring an emergency kit

Dogs can suffer illnesses during the trip, so it is advisable that you take some with you basic medicines just in case. The most essential are products for cleaning the ears, relaxants, analgesics, anti-inflammatory ointment and an antidiarrheal. Also, do not forget the hydrogen peroxide, the gauze pads and the deworming solutions. Of course, all this must be endorsed by the veterinarian to prevent negative reactions in our pet in a place where there is most likely no vet. It is preferable not to take risks, so before planning the trip, talk to your veterinarian to indicate what you should take into consideration.

3. Give him a toy to distract himself

You have to keep in mind that our dog will spend many hours alone, since the hours available to see it are very restricted. So that you go as calm as possible and do not get overwhelmed, it is recommended that we offer you some toy so that you are entertained. Also, if it’s cold, don’t forget to take the blanket that you normally use at home.

4. The utility of the carrier

The carrier is not only used to take your pet from one place to another. Also, with proper training, it can be considered by the dog as a safe place. If you’re traveling in a stateroom, you can throw in your favorite blanket, your bone, and make it feel right at home.

4. Make a visit to the vet before the trip

Before going on a boat trip with your dog, it is recommended that you do a visit to vet to certify that your pet is in optimal conditions to make the journey. Also, remember that you must have a valid veterinary cardwith all up-to-date vaccinationsandthe microchip and the deworming, both internal and external. The vet will tell you how long before the journey your dog has to eat and he will prescribe some medication if he deems it appropriate.

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