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This Family Kept A Rescue Dog And Its Impulsive Behavior Shocked Them

by Pets Sos

For some people, breeding rescue dogs is not favorable. Unlike trained dogs, rescue dogs can sometimes be unpredictable. That’s because these animals often have a traumatic history that could trigger problematic behavior. When their guards are up, they can be intimidating and hard to control. However, for those successful owners, they have found themselves new companions or even house guards.

In this family’s case, the mother saw her 17-month-old child seized and hung between their canine’s clenched teeth. Naturally, she was left astounded. What happened next made her realize it may not have been wrong to keep a rescue dog, after all.

Life Companion

Catherine Svilicic had just given birth to her daughter, Charlotte, and she wanted a companion whom the baby could have fond experiences with. After giving it a thought, her family decided to get a dog: not just an ordinary dog, but one that had been neglected and deserved a new home. Hence, Catherine got in touch with the closest dog shelter to see if any dogs caught her eye. She chose one of the Doberman Pinschers and named the dog Khan.

Genuine Threat

The Doberman is a breed of domesticated dogs that can be particularly dangerous. It is large in size and muscular in build, and it can be a genuine threat to human safety if not trained properly.

Khan’s Traumatic Past

While at the shelter, Catherine had been informed that Khan had gone through a lot already in his life. Still, she was determined to adopt the Doberman and believed her child and the dog would get along.

Harshly Tossed

One day, just four days after Khan was adopted, something unimaginable happened. The dog was playing with Charlotte in the Svillcic’s garden when Khan grabbed her and tossed her across the grass. As a result, Charlotte flew a yard away and slammed her back on the ground. Everyone just stood still, utterly shocked at what just transpired.

Was there a provocation?

Catherine ran over to check on Charlotte and found no signs of bruises or pain. She was not even crying but seemed rather surprised by the sudden attack. Meanwhile, Catherine felt disappointed with Khan, and she was confused as to what could have triggered him to act that way. In her heart, she knew Charlotte wouldn’t have done anything to provoke the dog.

Khan fell to the ground

Then all of a sudden, Khan barked frantically and fell to the ground. The entire family was even more perplexed this time. Somehow, Catherine felt that Khan was only trying to protect her precious child, and she was right. Khan’s heroic act left him injured and he needed immediate medical attention.

Paying It Forward

Catherine rushed over to the vet to have Khan medicated as soon as possible. Recalling that emotional drive to the clinic, she said, “I never knew I was able to drive this well. I guess adrenaline does its thing.” Catherine could not help but feel indebted to Khan after risking his life for Charlotte.

Unknown Fate

Despite having the assurance that Charlotte was safe and unharmed, Catherine couldn’t help but worry for the fate of her dog. Thankfully, the nurses immediately attended to Khan and moved him into the emergency upon seeing his dreadful condition.

“We don’t know yet, madam. We did what we could, but now his body has to fight the poison,” said the nurse after giving Khan’s medication. “The anti-venom will certainly help, but we don’t know to what extent. It’s best that you come back tomorrow morning.”

What was it, really?

Finally, the next morning arrived, and Catherine got to the clinic as soon as it was open. It was then that Catherine found out what almost killed her baby and her new dog: a Mulga, an incredibly venomous snake found in Australia turned out to be the creature behind the tragic incident. Khan saw one of his companions in danger and just wanted to help.

Act of Gratitude

The truth was finally revealed. Khan was not trying to attack Charlotte. On the contrary, he was actually saving her life from the deadly serpent. Without him, Catherine and her child could have been in the emergency room instead. In a crystal display of loyalty and bravery, Khan shielded Charlotte from the Mulga’s attack. He just didn’t know his strength when moving her away from the snake, causing the child to fly across the yard.

Not only did he take a lethal bite as a consequence, but Khan also scared the Mulga away. While he previously led a life full of mistreatment and injustice, Khan showed gratitude back to the family who truly loved him.

Surviving and Recovering

The vet continued to update Catherine about Khan’s condition. Fortunately, the valiant dog survived the snake bite and was no longer at risk of being paralyzed.

He is now on his way to recover which finally took Catherine’s worries away. According to the snake expert in Adelaide, Khan survived the lethal bite because the snake did not manage to inject a lot of venom into him. Had it injected the full amount of venom, Khan would probably not have survived.

A Hero and an Inspiration

With Khan’s recovery, he finally returned home and the whole family reunited again. Everyone was overjoyed as they welcomed him back. Moreover, because of Khan’s courageous deed, he will forever be a hero to them and an inspiration to other pet owners.

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