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The 10 best dog breeds to live with children

by Pets Sos

10- Bichon Maltese

This little white stuffed animal is cuddly and playful in its first months of life. Over the years they calm down, although they need exercise frequently to avoid problems of conduct.

You don’t need a lot of space to live, and according to petssos.com is not a dog suitable for living outdoors. This breed can reach 15 years of life.

9- Pug

The pug or pug is a dog who draws attention to his compressed face. It is a very faithful specimen, which seeks company to receive and give love. Hence It is not recommended for families that settle for long periods.

Due to his physical constitution, he is not a dog indicating to go for a run. They tire quickly and often have trouble breathing. It is recommended for people who prefer quiet walks.

8- Yorkshire terrier

The Yorkshire is the Perro falderol by excellence. They are nervous dogs, so a good puppy education will prevent them from being too barking in their adult stage. Despite this, they are funny and sociable and children can play with them throughout the day.

7- french bulldog

bulldogs are dogs loyal, brave and loving There fore, they are considered an excellent option to live with children. They have a sense to detect if something is wrong, they are great watchdogs.

As puppies they have a lot of energy, but as their age progresses they become lazy. This breed is also not suitable for long walks.

6- Beagle

El Beagle, The eternal puppy big ears It is one of the family’s favorite breeds. He is a sweet, friendly and playful dog, he likes to be around people and other dogs, although at first they are somewhat distrustful of strangers.

It is easy to train and care for. But without proper exercise and strict rules, the Beagle can become overprotective. They need to run a lot.

5- Cocker

The cocker spaniel is similar to the Beagle in terms of vitality. Always with desire to play and run. If you live in an apartment, you have to take it out at least four times a day so that it burns its energy.

4- Boxer

This is another family favorite. Don’t let her sad face fool you the boxer is a dog very cheerful and energetic. Always predisposed to play with children and not so children.

Is not a dog that serves to take care of houses, but they are very protective of the family. They need strong leadership and interact with other dogs from puppies.

3- Labrador

A intelligent, faithful and affectionate breed. If they are brought up effectively, they are able to put up with all the mischief that children do to them. They like to run and play in the water, but a simple order from their master makes them obey.

2- Golden Retriever

Constitution and character similar to the Labrador. Are calm specimens and with great patience with adults and children. They need to vent with long walks, in order to prevent them from becoming overweight. In addition, they can also be good guardians of the house.

1- German shepherd

This breed is used by police and rescue forces so it is logical to think that it is one of the most intelligent breeds.

They keep a strong bond with their owners, and protect children from dangers and any threat. They also like to do physical exercises, but they adapt easily to leisurely walks.

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