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Take care of your dog’s coat at home

by Pets Sos

The dog hair care It is not a merely aesthetic matter. It is true that well-groomed hair It will make our pet more beautiful, but the truth is that it is mainly a matter of health. And it is that maintaining healthy hair has a positive impact on your health. We must not forget that hair is the first layer that protects the body from external agents and is also a sample of our pet’s state of health.

That smooth and shiny hair that we all love to see on our furry ones is a sign that it is healthy, it is a reflection of your general physical condition. So that, dog hair care It should not be limited only to bathing and brushing it from time to time, but we must also take into account other factors that influence its general appearance.

What tools and products are needed for the care and maintenance of your dog’s hair at home

Now that we have just explained what is the complexity of hair care for dogs, it is time to move on to practice, that is, to know what to do to ensure that our dog has healthy and beautiful hair. And most importantly, that he is healthy both outside and inside.

1. Use a suitable brush

Brushing is a fundamental task in hair care so it should be part of our daily routine, especially in spring and autumn. Depending on the depth of our pet’s hair, it will require more or less care, but it is always recommended maintain a regular brushing pattern to keep the coat healthy and our house cleaner. The ideal is to brush it when the hair is dry, never wet, since it untangles worse.

In this sense, it is essential to choose a suitable brush or brush. If the animal has a thick coat, it will need to be teased, but if the hair is mainly on the outer coat, it is not necessary. In any case, the best option is always the rubber brushes, mitten type, They help to clean dirt and dust trapped in the mantle. Afterwards, you can use a soft brush and another of metal spikes to catch dead hairs.

2. Use an appropriate shampoo for your hair type

The frequency of bathing will depend on each dog. The most advisable thing is to do it every three weeks or, at most, every two months. Of course, it must be taken into account that long-haired dogs need to be washed more frequently than short-haired ones.

But as important is the frequency as the type of shampoo that we use And not only to keep it cared for, but also to improve its condition. Never use the same shampoo that you use at home for your dog, as it can irritate the skin and cause injuries.

3. Keep eyes, tail, snout and feet clean

The hair hygiene of our pet is not limited only to the bath, but it is a daily task that we must include in our routine to prevent the appearance of infections and parasites. The Sanitary wipes for dogs They are ideal for cleaning the hair on the legs and tail on a regular basis, two areas that are highly exposed to dirt and bacteria during daily walks. But it is also convenient to keep the snout, either with wipes or a wet sponge. As for the eyes, it is advisable to clean them with damp cotton. In this way, we will avoid discomfort and infections.

4. Take care of the diet

As we said before, the dog’s hair is a reflection of the general state of health of our pet. It is evident that the genetics of the animal itself influences the hair typebut when a dog is healthy, has shiny, lush and soft hair. In this sense, a good diet is key. The most important thing is that the food we choose is made with top quality ingredients. But also, it is recommended that it be as natural as possible, without preservatives, colorings or other artificial ingredients.

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