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Spike: The World’s Oldest Living Dog

by Pets Sos

If some time ago we talked about the dog life expectancyTaking into account how size and race are two key factors that influence this, today we are going to introduce you to the oldest living dog in the world. Or, at least, this is the one that is officially certified.

Meet with us at spikethe oldest dog on the planet, as certified by the Guinness World Records. Can you imagine what race it belongs to? We answer that question and tell you its story!

spike’s story

Spike oldest dog in the world
Dog Spike/Photo: Guinness World Records

He spike dog is the dog oldest in the world. And it is that this little chihuahua He is already 23 years old. With more than two decades behind him, his biography is most interesting. Do not think that we find ourselves with an animal raised between cotton; Quite the contrary, since it has had to go through several vicissitudes until it finds its current owner: Rita Kimball, who has given it all the love and care possible so that it can achieve longevity.

Kimball adopted Spike when he was ten years old, so he was already an adult dog. It happened when he found him in the parking lot of a grocery store in the American town of callem, in Ohio. The state of this little chihuahua was lamentable. His appearance and the marks on his body evidenced how bad it must have been and in whose hands it must have been. His fur was shaved down the back and there were blood stains around his neck, probably caused by the leash or rope with which he had been tied.

Kimball took pity on him and asked the store owner if he knew whose dog it was or if it was missing. He replied that he had been there for three days and that he was feeding him leftovers. She did not hesitate to pick him up and take him with her to live on her farm. she called him spikein relation to the dog of the cartoons of the looney tunes. And since then, more than a decade has passed, in which Spike has become a member of the family.

The oldest dog in the world

Spike already has 23 years on his back. He weighs 5.85 kilograms and is 22.86 centimeters tall. It is clear that to reach this age, his owner has taken care of him and continues to take very good care of him. In fact, the secret of his longevity is a healthy lifestyle.

Spike gets up at seven in the morning and stays active and running around. by the farm watching the other animals or having a good time with his toy fox or with the mouse of the domestic cat in the house. And if you have to go harvest, cut and transport firewood or take a ride on the tractor, he has never hesitated to sign up. All this, of course, accompanied by a proper nutrition and all the attention and reviews needed at the vet year after year.

However, Spike’s life has already changed a bit, and now it is much calmer. At 23 years old, he is a elderly dog and he doesn’t have so much energy to run after the cows and bark at the farm horses. Currently, he is almost blind, he hears with difficulty and prefers to take a nap and be quiet with the people he loves, warm inside the house, rather than visit the other animals.

The truth is that he still has a few years left to achieve the longevity of the dog who holds the record for having been the oldest on the planet: Blueyan Australian dog who died in 1939 at the age of 29 years and five days.

Guinness World Records

Kimball learned that his dog Spike was the oldest in the world by chance. It happened while he was watching the TV show The Tonight Showhosted by Jimmy Fallon, who spoke of the passing of Pebbleshe Toy Fox Terrier that until now had held the Guinness record for the longest-lived dog in the world. Pebbles had died a natural death in October 2022.

Kimball began the paperwork for Spike to win the title. At 23 years old, the little Chihuahua surpassed gino wolfanother dog that was certified with an age of 22 years and 52 days that was also expected to hold the Guinness World Records award.

In any case, it must also be taken into account that, in order to select the oldest dog in the worldGuinness World Records measures life time in years and months, in addition to only allowing participation in this selection to domestic animals.

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