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Information about toy size in dogs

by Pets Sos

Surely you have ever heard of the miniature petsbut Do you know how the characteristics and health of the toy dog ​​are? Read on and find out all the details about animals that are small in size, but big in heart.

About the variety of size: toy

When we talk about toy or mini dogs We are not referring to a specific breed, but to a variety within it. They belong to already small breeds in themselves. They are the same as the rest of the members of this race, but in a miniature version. For example, there are Pomeranians that can be classified as common and, on the other hand, the toy pomeranians, whose size is smaller. But we can also find terriers, poodles, pinchers or pekingese in toy version.

So, are toy and miniature dogs the same thing? Yes.

What makes a toy so is that it does not exceed certain measurements and a specific weight that, depending on the breed, can be of between 20% and 30% below what is considered normal for that breed. With which, the toy is the minimum possible measure. Above him would be the “dwarf”, the “medium” and the “standard” or common.

Of course, do not be confused by its name: toys are not toys, they require specific care and a lot of attention.

What is a toy dog: general features and origins

It is considered a miniature dog to those who weigh less than 6 kilos and do not measure more than 40 centimeters. They are often confused with small dogs, but they are totally different genera of dogs and should not be considered the same.

You will find species from different families, but before deciding on one, it is essential that you know the characteristics and theirdog avalanche toy. Only then can you meditate on your decision and to choose the race whose needs you are able to meet.

Its origin is somewhat uncertain, although some scientists claim that it comes from the south east asian wolf, since both share the IGF1 gene. But it has been the human selection processes that have ultimately made these dogs appear. It is the selective crossing carried out by breeders when choosing the smallest specimens to procreate those that have managed to maintain this particularity of weight and size.

Most common breeds of toy dogs

There are many species of miniature dogs. These are the best known:

maltese bichon

It is one of the toy dog ​​breeds most wanted. Result of having crossed the bichon with poodles and mini spaniels. In its common version it is a dog that does not exceed 5 kg or 30 cm in height, but in the toy version, they usually weigh about 3.5 kg and measure about 20 cm in height as adults. In addition, they tend to have a more flattened snout, a more compact body, shorter legs and more hair. They are animals that stand out for their sociable, playful and fun character.


the pekingese breedyes Originally from Tibet, it is a very territorial breed, so it does not usually get along with other pets. He is not very friendly with children either, since they are dogs with a lot of character and little patience, in some cases bordering on aggressiveness, although without being violent. Traits that it has maintained from the common version. For this reason, it is often surprising to see that an animal that apparently seems very vulnerable due to its small size, is so stubborn.

The Pekingese It stands out for its great intelligence, memory and for being very affectionate when they feel safe. But if strangers are around, they will always stay alert to protect both humans and other dogs.

pomeranian spitz

Mini dog toys are very delicate, especially as puppies. If you want to know how to serve them properly, take good note of the care that the Pomeranian dog needs. In recent years, the Pomeranian has decreased considerably and, currently, most of them are toys, to the detriment of larger specimens. They are very active dogs that are constantly alert, like to be leaders and can sometimes be irascible due to their dominant nature.


The most common are the Miniature Manchester Terrierthe australian silky terrier or the Yorkshire terrier. They tend to be very restless, intelligent and love to play, but they are also protectors of the herd and with a certain desire for prominence, which makes them nervous and bark excessively. For this reason, it is advisable to maintain adequate training so that the barking does not become too annoying.


The poodles toys they do not usually exceed 4.5 kg or 28 cm in height. They are very affectionate dogs, they live closely with their owners, so don’t be surprised if they follow you anywhere. They tend to bark a lot at strangers and are extremely protective of their home. However, in general, they are very easy dogs that generally do not cause problems. Also, along with the Maltese puppy It is one of the few 100% hypoallergenic toy dog ​​breeds, so it is ideal for people who are allergic to dogs.


Energetic and playful, they have a strong personality and great vitality. Meet the pincher toy dog ​​character and the keys to their care. The toy dogs either mini pinscher They can reach up to 6 kg, although it is normal that they do not exceed 4 kg. It is a dog with short, smooth and soft fur. They are ideal for walking and exercising, but due to their character and to achieve a good education, it is recommended that they live with people who have experience in caring for dogs. And it is that they can take their guardian instinct to the extreme.

How to take care of the health of your toy-sized dog

Now that you know what toy dogs are and their characteristics, you only need one detail: to know the health care of this animal. And it is that, due to their constitution, they are usually more prone to getting sick than large dogs.

Toy-sized dogs are more fragile and delicate, so they require more attention and care.

Vaccination and veterinary checks

First of all, it is essential pay special attention to your vaccination schedule. And it is that his immune system, in general, is more fragile than that of a large dog. In the same way, having less fat in the body, is more vulnerable to temperature changes: keep him warm in winter and avoid drafts. Of course, visits to the veterinarians must be frequent for check-ups and revisions.

Beware of jumps, games and falls

On the other hand, these toy dogs they have the most brittle bones than larger dogs, so care must be taken when playing with them, avoiding too sudden movements. The use of stairs is highly recommended to get on the bed or the sofa without hurting yourself, or avoiding falls.

Choose the correct diet for a toy size

By last, watch the diet. If they go without eating for many hours, they may suffer a drop in glucose, so control the times. In addition, it is convenient that you bet on quality and food specially developed for miniature dogs, since they have been prepared to meet their specific nutrient needs.

Finally, a small dog can be an adoption option for many families, even if they are miniature and charming, you always have to reflect on whether you can offer the animal all the care and cover all its needs to make it a happy dog.

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