Hug your cat, yes or no?

Did you know that the cats They recognize our kisses and hugs What love demonstrations? Some like it more than others, as is the case with belly rubs, for example, but what is clear is that they recognize that our hugs and kisses They are expressions of affection towards them.

Hugs are undoubtedly one of the greatest displays of affection, where both parties feel an enormous connection. Nevertheless, Depending on the character of the cat and the relationship we have forged with them, they will allow a greater or lesser approach. While there are cats that spend the day asking for cuddles, there are others that only allow us to look at them or say nice things to them, but they hate any type of physical contact.

Do cats like hugs and kisses?

You should know that there is no universal rule that can be applied to all cats in the world. In the same way that it happens with humans, each animal has its own character, so while there are cats that love hugs, others put their paws up to avoid it or may even bite.

It must be taken into account that the language and communication of cats are very different from ours. They express their emotions in a different way, so not all hugs and kisses please them. If we look at the behavior of most of the domestic catswe will realize that most of them don’t like hugs and kisses, because they feel imprisoned.

Although there are cats that end up adapting to it as part of the relationship with their masters, it is recommended that we always respect the preferences of our cats. In any case, this does not mean that your cat does not love you. Only that they express their affection in another way.

How to know if your cat will accept a hug?

If you don’t know if your cat will accept your hugs, look for the following signs to see if she might be open to hugs:

  • It rubs with your legs.
  • The environment is safe and quiet.
  • When you get close to him, he will lie down or roll over on his belly.

If when you try to hug your cat, it walks away or is not very calm, it may react aggressively and scratch you. To avoid it, it is recommended that you leave it alone and try it at another time. Keep in mind that if you force it, the next few times it will end up escaping before you try.

If under no circumstances does he accept that you cuddle him, you can always show him your affection by saying affectionate words, dedicating time every day to play with him, brushing him gently in those areas where you know he likes it and giving him edible treats.

So how do cats show their affection?

You may have ever heard of the cat kisses. It is the way that these cats have to show us their affection. They do this by narrowing their eyes and giving us a calm look. Although there is no physical contact, it says a lot about the bond we have forged with our cat.

But you can also express your affection towards us sitting next to us so that its tail brushes against us when it moves. Sometimes, they also use purring as a sign of satisfaction, which is usually accompanied by another gesture of affection that we know as “kneaded”, when they sit on their legs and begin to move their legs, making a movement similar to kneading.

And on other occasions they usually combine head butting with some licking on the hands, which means that they are very happy in addition to other body signals.

So it is important that we learn to interpret cat body language, since their expressions of affection towards us are much more subtle than those of humans. Just like with people, one cat can be very different from another. We must analyze our cat’s behavior to learn about his personality and find the best way to enjoy a harmonious coexistence.

Finally, when your cat spends time with you playing, sleeping next to you, or just being in the same room, these are signs of affection. Another option to return that love is by offering a tasty food or snacka comfortable bed Y a clean toilet area. You will feel loved!

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