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How To Choose The Right Dog Leashes: Length And Material

by Pets Sos

There are many models of dog leashes, but how to choose the right leash? To decide, you have to know all the types that are on the market and their main characteristics, such as the length and the material they are made of. Here are some details to clear your mind!

The material of dog leashes

The two main categories are plastic and leather.

plastic straps

1) Nylon

Nylon dog leashes have several advantages. First of all, they are practical and easy to handle, and they have a minimum volume because they are easy to rewind. They are easily washable, so they are also ideal in country settings where they can get dirty from grass or mud. They are also available in a wide variety of colors.

Among the Ferplast nylon leads, we highlight: Sport Dog, Cricket, Twist, Daytona.

Dog on leash Sport Dog


2) Faux fur

Synthetic leather straps combine quality materials and aesthetics. They are refined accessories, resistant to even the strongest stresses and easy to clean.

Ferplast synthetic leather sinkers are those of the Derby line available in classic black and brown, and in lilac, a lighter and more fashionable shade.


3) rubber

Rubber (polyester) straps are strong yet soft to the touch. They are washable with soap and water, anti-UV and resistant to low and high temperatures. They have the advantage of being waterproof, so they are also perfect for walks in the rain. In fact, these straps do not get soaked and do not allow dirt to lodge in the weave of the fabric. In addition, the elasticity of the material helps to cushion the tears and sudden starts of the dog.

Ferplast rubber belts are evolutioncolorful and modern, ideal for dogs of different sizes.



Leather straps are more expensive than the others, but they are also very resistant and, above all, elegant. They suit both the smallest and largest dogs, creating a classic and timeless look. The only drawback is that they are more difficult to clean. In fact, if they are washed with water they tend to get damaged. They are available in shades of dark brown, beige and black, in smooth leather or in bull hide.

Ferplast leather tracks are Giotto, Natural and VIP. All three models have a simple and comfortable handle and are suitable for dogs of different sizes.


The length of the dog leashes

All dog leashes must have a maximum length of 150 cm, in urban areas the indication of current regulations is not to exceed 120 cm. For this reason, the length of most straps on the market is 120 cm.

retractable lead

The retractable lead works on the principle of a tape measure. Above the handle there is a small button that allows you to stop the slipping of the strap or to lock it at the desired length. Being much longer than an ordinary leash, it gives your pet more freedom and movement. However, you must be careful to use it correctly, otherwise you may endanger your four-legged friend.

Ferplast’s retractable cables are Flippy and Amigo and have a maximum length of between 3 and 5 m.

Handles or short cables

When choosing the right leash, you have to take into account the size and temperament of Fido. The bigger and stronger the dog, the more control is needed and consequently the shorter the length to balance its weight and strength.

In these cases, short 60 cm leashes, also known as handles, such as Sport Dog, ErgoFluo, Ergocomfort, Daytona, are ideal.

training manager

There are also training tracks. They are used when teaching the dog to respond to commands. They usually have 2 or 3 lengths that can be adjusted by means of a ring and are up to 160 cm or 200 cm in length.

The best Ferplast training leashes are Sport Dog, ErgoFluo and Daytona.

dog leashes that pull

The ideal leash for a draft dog is the classic 120 cm leash with an elastic leash. Ferplast Ergocomfort Elastic It has a soft handle, a nylon part and an innovative elastic fiber end. The latter absorbs the force of the quadruped and is useful to absorb the tears and sudden starts of the dog.


Leash to carry two dogs at the same time

A very useful type of leash for owners of two dogs is the double leash. In fact, this leash allows you to hold two dogs with one hand and leave the other completely free. Actually it is a double terminal that must be hooked to the traditional cable, in this case we suggest a short cable.

Ferplast double belts are:

  • Ergocomfort Twin available in a single model in gray and black, with a webbing width of 25 mm and an adjustable length, from a minimum of 49 cm to a maximum of 59 cm
  • Twin available in three sizes that differ in length (from a minimum of 25 to a maximum of 50 cm) and in the width of the strap (10, 15 and 20 mm).


leash for dogs that chew

Metal chain leashes are designed for all those dogs that have the unpleasant habit of biting the leash.

Ferplast metal chain cables are Ergocomfort Metal available in two lengths (65 or 105 cm) and Daytona Metal, available in a single model with a length of 100 cm. Both models come with a comfortable padded nylon handle.

Choosing the right strap takes time and knowledge. It is not just any accessory, but a walking companion that guarantees safety and creates a bond with your Fido.

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