How to bathe your cat

The cats they are usually quite reluctant to get wetThey are very clean, they groom themselves daily and keep their fur in good condition, but on special occasions you must bathe your cat. Either due to oiliness, because they are allergic, because they have been stained with something or simply due to the accumulation of dust and dirt.

The best way to habituate a cat to water is to do it from a very young age.. Any new experience can be entertaining for a kitten of a few months, so if he gives him his first bath in the form of a game, success will be assured. You can include a toy in the bathtub or talk to him and pamper him while you clean him.

Today we will give you all the keys.

How to prepare the bath for your cat

Before you begin, prepare the accessories you will need: a mild age-appropriate shampoo, a conditioner if the kitten has long hair, toys that can get wet, a towel, a hair dryer if it’s cold and a small container to remove the shampoo from her body without disturbing the kitten. Don’t forget to prepare a tasty treat as a treat for later. Finally, do not forget that the environment must be warm.

Keys to give your cat a satisfactory bath

The ideal is to use the sink where the cat can step and feel safe.

You should hold it by putting a hand under its body and wet it so you don’t have to force it under the tap. A trick that comes in very handy with kittens when they get nervous is gently lift them by taking the skin behind the neck, just as their mother would wear them; this usually calms them down immediately. This technique can work just as well with some adults, but try carefully so you don’t get scratched.

Our specialists recommend that manipulation through the skin of the neck be carried out always between two people. So one person lifts the cat and the other holds the rest of the body, so that it is “hanging” and can be painful.

Wet his entire body, taking care not to get water in his ears, and apply the shampoo rubbing with your hand.

Wash especially their paws and the peri-anal region, which are usually dirtier. Remember that this area of ​​the body can be used if your pet tolerates it. Hygiene wipes. Remember to do everything gently, always keep it on its feet, do not put it in unnatural positions that may bother or scare it. Grab it loosely. Once it is very clean, rinse with lukewarm water, running your hand in the direction of the hair to remove all traces of shampoo.

Once you’re done, wrap it in a towel and dry his body, but no vigorous rubbing! Remember that everything must be pleasant for him so that the next bath does not turn into a pitched battle.

so that the hair dryer be as traumatic as possible, put the kitten on your lap with the towel and blow warm air from about 30 cm, so it doesn’t get scared. Go raising your hairs so that it dries completely to the skin. You can do this with your fingers or with a comb. If your cat has long hair, you should use a hair comb either brush to leave his fur very pretty and so he gets used to brushing too.

All these steps apply also for a adult cat. The way to hold him can be a little trickier if he is not used to the bathroom. If he gets very restless you will have to take him firmly by the back of the neck and gently press down while you calm him down with caresses and talking to him.

Finish the bath as soon as you can so as not to prolong your discomfort. Stay calm, as it is very important so that you can control the cat without getting hurt.

If the bath is too stressful, you can always resort to a foam shampooa cleansing lotiona talc of cleaning, perfume or sanitary napkins to avoid going through the water and still your kitty looks clean and perfumed.

The best option to bathe your cat

The best recommendation is that if your cat needs a bath and you do not see yourself capable of performing the task.take your cat to  Beauty Salon, Leave your pets in the hands of one of our feline grooming professionals.

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