Feeding a pregnant or lactating cat

Gestation in the cat lasts 2 months, should we continue to feed her as before or not? Then while breastfeeding kittens, should you change your diet too? It is certain that the mother’s diet plays an important role in the development of unborn kittens!

A complete and balanced diet is essential for harmonious growth, this is also valid during gestation!

During gestation, the cat’s energy needs increase linearly, gradually throughout the two months of gestation, unlike human and canine species.

It is therefore advisable to feed the pussy at will.

Unlike pregnant women, cats do not need to take any particular vitamins or minerals if they are eating a complete food.

It is important to give cats during pregnancy a food rich in omega 3 (DHA) and folic acid :

  • DHA promotes fetal brain development
  • Folic acid decreases the risk of developing cleft palates

As for the female dog, it is advisable to give the cat a diet at will throughout the breastfeeding period. The food should be high in energy.

THE kibbles for kittens are ideal in this case because they are rich in energy and protein.

In addition, kittens at the time of weaning will be able to feed themselves with a food adapted to their needs by imitating their mother.

You can alternate croquettes and pâtés to vary the textures, bi-nutrition has many advantages.

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