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eye infection affecting your pet’s vision

by Pets Sos

Have you ever looked into your pet’s eyes? If you look closely, you can see some signs of her health. Thelaziosis or Thelazia is an eye infection that affects the well-being of our pets and can even affect their vision. Today at the Hospital Veterinario del Mar, we have compiled everything you need to know about this disease.

Thelazia: eye infection that affects your pet’s vision

Thelazia is an ocular parasite (nematode worm) that settles inside the eye of dogs and cats and causes a lot of discomfort in most cases.

It is a worm found in fruit trees during the summer months when temperatures are high. It is the small flies, common at this time, that look for the eye secretions of the dogs and manage to infect the dog with Thelazia.

Being an internal parasite, its presence can often go unnoticed, but the irritation symptoms will affect your pet.

In this disease, we must take into account that it is a zoonosis and, what is a zoonosis? An animal disease that has the ability to be transmitted to humans. If the necessary care and prevention are not carried out, contagion can increase exponentially, especially in hot areas with high temperatures.

Thelazia symptoms:

Thelazia symptoms are caused by the movement of the larvae inside the eye, in fact, the problems worsen when the number of parasites increases and this causes your pet’s vision to be more affected. The most common symptoms of this disease are the following:

  • excessive tearing
  • Conjunctivitis: it is an inflammation in the membrane between the eyelid and the eyeball that causes pain, itching and tearing.
  • Itching: this symptom could be one of the most dangerous since if the animal scratches repeatedly with force, it can cause damage to the cornea.
  • Alopecia of the eyes, hair loss around the eyes is also very common in this type of case.
  • Secretion of pus in the event that, after thelaziosis, an infection caused by bacteria occurs.

If you observe any of these symptoms repeatedly in your pet, it is essential that you go to the vet. Catching these problems early will help prevent any more serious problems in your dog or cat.

Most common treatments in Thelazia:

It must be the veterinarian who studies the case of your pet, the one in charge of diagnosing a specialized treatment. A veterinarian must remove the worms manually. It is very important that experts are in charge of carrying out this action, since if it is tried in any other way, it is possible that serious problems can be caused later, and the infection that affects your pet’s vision will not improve.

The treatment by the veterinarian is usually the use of a specific antiparasitic that deals with this disease. And it is also very important to remember that you should never self-medicate a pet. Giving them commonly used medications in doses that are not adequate for their weight can be very dangerous and even fatal.

How to prevent Thelaziosis?

Prevention for this type of parasite is quite complicated, since especially in summer, it is very difficult for the owner to be aware of the presence of flies around his pet. However, some tips can be followed to reduce its impact:

  • Limit your outings in summer during the maximum hours of sun, as this is when the flies are most active.
  • If your animal usually plays in a garden around fruit trees, remove all that rotten fruit from the ground to try to avoid many flies.
  • Check the state of his eyes often, and go to the vet if you observe any of the symptoms mentioned above.

Taking all these aspects into account, it is advisable to go for a periodic visit after the summer vacation stay, in order to prevent the disease. If you need a trusted vet to go to, do not hesitate to visit us. In addition, we have a 24-hour service, 365 days a year to assist you and your pet when you need it most. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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