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Diet guide for cats with urinary problems

by Pets Sos

With the entry into force of the Animal Welfare Law the mandatory surgical sterilization of all domestic cats before 6 months of age is contemplated.

And it is that, in addition to stopping mass reproduction and reducing the number of animal abandonments, neuter your cat can help you avoid diseases, increase life expectancy and will make you have a calmer life with less stress.

Despite this, sterilization causes them to be more likely to be overweight and suffer from urinary problems. We invite you to read our post โ€œ5 tips to avoid obesity in catsโ€œ

To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to make changes in your cat’s lifestyle that will affect, above all, their diet.

Why is it important to take care of the diet of my cat with kidney problems?

Yes since you’ve sterilized your cat you discover that he meows more than necessary, that he has Difficulty urinating or that, when he does, he does it outside the sandbox, it is very likely that he suffers from some type of urinary infection.

First of all, keep calm.

As we have told you before, it is a common ailment, derived from sterilization and that can be controlled with theto adequate medication and modifying the animal’s diet.

For this, it is important that you take it to your trusted veterinarian and that he tells you what guidelines you should follow.

As mentioned, it has been proven that food plays a fundamental role in many of these cases, so in addition to following your veterinarian’s instructions regarding the possible medication you may need, it is also recommended that you keep an eye on the your cat’s diet both if you want to prevent or if you want to treat any urinary problems.

Once your feline is diagnosed with FLUTD (Lower urinary tract disease) should be treated with appropriate medications for your problem.

In most cases, these problems derive from the formation of urinary tract stones. These calculations are nothing more than a kind of stones that form in the urinary tract as a result of the precipitation of crystals of different minerals present in the body of your cat.

A urine with a more acidic pH It will help to remove these stones easily.

To make your cat urinate more, it is essential to keep it hydrated and increase fluid intake through water or high-moisture feed.

What diet should my cat with urinary problems follow?

Through indicated feed, we can help dissolve inorganic phosphate stones and reduce the probability of their appearance.

The diet of your cat should be low in magnesium and calcium oxalate (nutrient present in some vegetables). You should also look for feeds that have low levels of vitamin C and amino acids like glycine.

In all cases, you should administer the amount recommended by the manufacturer depending on whether your cat is overweight or not.

Other things to take into account for the urinary care of your cat

Take care of the hygiene of the sandbox

Take care that the litter box is clean so that he can urinate in a clean and clear place.

keep it hydrated

On the one hand, it is essential to change the water that the animal drinks every day. You can also add different points of water at home and introduce wet food (in addition to dry) into their diet, since it contains a fairly high percentage of moisture, and will help them stay properly hydrated.

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