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Didactic games to stimulate pets

by Pets Sos

For the pets mental stimulation It is as important for your health as a good diet, vaccinations and walks.

We have a variety of intelligence toys for dogs, and educational toys for cats that allow your pets to entertain themselves while they are alone, forcing them to solve simple situations or develop new skills to obtain some reward.

For example, they must learn to remove or move a lid to pick up a hidden treat, push a piece with their paw or turn a bite to get something tasty hidden inside.

We remember that it is harmful for your pet, in the case of a dog, to be alone for more than 4-6 hours a day. Cats tolerate loneliness more, but in no case is it appropriate to prolong this state. Help someone else spend time with them in your absence.

Usefulness of educational games in dogs

Active Dog Toys

There are dogs that are more intelligent or restless and require more stimulation than others; An example is hunting dogs, their instinct is to search and follow tracks. These dogs are often restless and need a lot of physical activity every day.

Any game that encourages them to use your nose to search for objects will give them a lot of pleasure and will keep them happy and alert. Some herding dogs, such as border collie, they constantly need new challenges. For them they are perfect agility exercises and the games in which they have to solve situations like the ones mentioned.

These types of dogs are brimming with energy; If you don’t give them something healthy to spend their time on, they’ll probably find something else to do, like barking non-stop, jumping compulsively, breaking things around the house, or digging holes in the garden.. So this type of toy is useful to avoid unwanted behaviors.

Games for sedentary dogs

On the other hand we have more sedentary breeds or dogs with some physical problem They are forced to stay still for many hours. These animals are very bored. It is very common that large granulomas are caused by licking their paws incessantly because they can’t find anything else to do. They too will benefit from the interactive games.

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Usefulness of educational games in cats

The cats don’t even get a chance to go for a walk, so they too will enjoy a good scratching post with activities or one of these educational toys.

Some examples are the kong toys, which have a cavity with small holes through which cookies can be inserted; cats must bite, twist and squeeze them to get them out and eat them.

Once they learn how to do it, the degree of difficulty can be increased by adding a tasty paste that makes it more attractive, but makes the task even more difficult and interesting.

Other examples are the intelligence games for cats. Interesting treats or toys are also hidden in them, which may include catnip in the case of cats. In these games the pets must move or remove caps to reveal their prizes; in some cases they will have to push them with their snout and in others take pieces with their mouths to remove them.

It must be added that these toys are very useful to combat obesity in cats sterilized, as it encourages the cat to move.

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Finally, remember again that these toys are a help to make the lives of pets happier, fight boredom or cover a few hours of entertainment in your absence. What they need, whether it’s a dog or a cat, is for you to spend time with them, play and interact, giving them company and affection.

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