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Only those who have been lucky enough to live with a cat know what it really means to enjoy their company. And it is that the cats they carry a bad reputation and lots urban legends behind due to his continual comparison to dogs. Yes, their behavior may be different, they are independent and do not require as much constant attention, but what do we know and don’t know about cats? Do we know how to interpret the messages that they send us when they are worried, afraid or want to give us love?

Here are some of the curiosities about cats that will help you interpret their gestures, their language with humans already know some curious facts about these animals.

when they greet

Cats greet each other by touching their noses: If they wake you up like this in the morning, they are most likely saying good morning. Also, have you noticed how they keep the erect tail when you open the door of the house and they are there, waiting for you? It means that they are very happy to see you, finally! And it is that, despite the fame they may have, cats do not like to be alone and they are very familiar (That’s why they take advantage of every moment with you when you’re at home). Of course, if they move it from one side to another insistently with a grumpy face, you better leave it alone, because something is bothering it.

when they lick you

Cats are animals especially careful with hygiene and cleanliness. If your cat has ever taken advantage of the “couch and movie moment” to lick you from top to bottom, you should know that, in reality, he is giving you a shower.

when they meow

Did you know that adult cats They only meow to communicate with humans.? They use tail and body gestures with each other, but of course, if you talk to them, it’s rude not to answer. They have a great capacity to learn and adapt to our way of communicating!

when they purr

We generally associate purring with moments of cat happiness and tranquility, but it is not always like that. The purr of the cat can also mean anxiety, fear, insecurity or discomfort. Let’s not forget that our feline companions are extremely sensitive and any sudden change in their environment can affect them; If your cat has started to purr a lot, ask yourself why that might be.

when they sleep

Whoever has a cat knows: they lead the life that many of us would like to have. They get up, ask for food and water and they go back to bed to continue sleeping. Thus, they take short naps that last until nightfall and they can go really crazy running around the house and playing.

when they get older

Cats get “older” from the age of five. If you have been lucky enough to enjoy a playful, affectionate and hyperactive companion, you will know that during this first five years they live in constant youth. They reach the “third age” from the age of ten, approximately.

When they communicate with humans

The cat is always associated as a more surly pet and the dog as the human’s faithful companion, but did you know that the cat’s brain has a 90% similarity with that of the human? Actually, we have more in common with them than we do with dogs.

In fact, cats have great long-term memory and don’t easily forget things they learn.

When they feel threatened

Has your cat ever made a hissing sound similar to that of a snake? Relax, he is not giving you a telele. Your cat is just scared for some reason and makes that sound to be threatening: It happens a lot when they discover a bug, for example.

when they are tricolor

This is a curious fact about cats, and it is that only one in 4,000 tricolor cats is male (and is usually sterile). When you see a tricolor cat, it is most likely a female cat.

when they listen

They can rotate their ears 180º, which work like satellite dishes independent (in fact, they can move them separately).

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