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Care of a Sterilized Cat

by Pets Sos

The sterilization of a cat is a common operation that is performed by a veterinarian, it is based on the extraction of the sexual organs. Thanks to it, not only the usual episodes of marking or aggressiveness of cats in heat can be reduced, but it also helps to prevent some diseases, such as uterine or breast cancer, which are life-threatening conditions. of your feline

What care is needed during the recovery of a cat after her sterilization?

The sterilization of a cat is a simple operation consisting of quick recovery. The postoperative period is somewhat longer, lasts about ten days and requires basic care that will contribute to a better recovery of the animal and prevent complications. They are as important as the operation itself.

wound care

It’s fundamental clean and disinfect the wound at least 3 times a day. It is convenient to avoid that the cat touches or comes into contact with her to avoid injury or infection. To protect it, abdominal bandages or special bodies that cover it can be used. As a last option, an Elizabethan collar can also be used, which will prevent the cat from touching the wound, but which can cause increased emotional stress.

Follow your vet’s instructions

In the postoperative days, the vet will prescribe antibiotics and painkillers so that the wound heals properly and help your cat combat possible discomfort. Follow the guidelines and instructions that the vet has given you in this regard.

An appropriate diet

Sterilization causes a series of hormonal changes in your cat that slow down her metabolism due to the decrease in sex hormones. The implications are several: the appetite increases but the activity decreases and consequently the energy that the cat spends throughout the day also does so.

The obesity It is usually common in cats after sterilization. To prevent it, and with it another class of associated health problems, It is important to control the caloric intake of your diet and the daily consumption of food, as well as promote a regular physical activity.

Therefore, you must offer a feed prepared to meet their specific needs:

In the market there is a variety of feed such as, for example, brands such as “Breeders” either “Nath Adult Sterilized“,

Make your cat’s life easier

The days after the operation you should ensure that your cat does not perform movements or activities that could reopen its wound or with those who can harm it. Prevent it from going up to certain heights and place its water, food and sandbox near its resting place, although separated from each other. It is not convenient for them to go outside at first and their interactions with other animals must be controlled, to prevent them from getting hurt with any game.

Be patient

It is important that you be patient with your cat and show yourself affectionate and close. Sterilization, the resulting discomfort and care routines can emotionally alter your pet and cause some of their habits to change. It is common, for example, that a sterilized cat pee everywhere. Do not scold her and try to be understanding and find solutions so that your cat relaxes and returns to her daily routines as soon as possible.

try calm

The discomfort of sterilization can generate anxiety and stressin addition to altering their emotional balance. Use an anti-stress product such as Menforsan’s natural calming anti-stress calming spray for cats or the famous feliway They can help calm your pet’s anxiety.

A comfortable space

Products that help them rest safely and comfortably are also a great help in this recovery period.. A soft bed, a crib or a cave, but also other products such as absorbent mats, are necessary to guarantee your pet an ideal rest and a moment of relaxation.. What everyone needs to recover perfectly.

Consult your vet

Finally, any doubt or unusual behavior, you should consult with your vet immediately. Otherwise she offers a lot of love while she recovers.

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