Care for curly-haired dogs

Did you know that the curly haired dogs Do they require different care than straight hair? Among the best-known dog breeds are the poodle the bichon frize he bobtail the Water dog he Komondor the English’s sheepdog he labradoodle the polish the Bergamasco and the mudi For example.

The breeds with curly hair they better withstand low temperatures and lose much less hair, since their fur is dense and hard, but due to their characteristics, it is also more difficult to keep them neat and tangle-free. Also, this type of hair does not shed and does not stop growing. Because, your care has to become a routine to prevent knots from forming and keep it clean and shiny, both when bathing and brushing.

Tips for caring for curly hair in dogs

curly haired dogs they should bathe every three or four weeks with a specific shampoo for your hair type and be brushed every day with a special brush. It is important that tangles do not form, as they can become nests for parasites and cause allergies. If we don’t do it frequently, the knots can get to the point where there will be no choice but to cut and For this it is better to go to a professional..

We recommend that you have hairdressing utensils at home such as combs or cards. But be careful when using scissors, knot cutters or sharp tools as they could harm your pet. Better go to a professional hairdresser or hairdresser.

We can start detangling hair with fingers and then use a specific comb for curly hair with which we can separate the hair well and get rid of any knots that may have remained.

Then we will use a brush to go through all the fur and eliminate dead hair. In this way, we will delay the appearance of new knots.

How to keep your dog’s curly hair soft and tangle-free?

To facilitate brushing and keep hair soft, hydrated, shiny, tangle-free and frizz-free, we will use a specific shampoo for your hair type. For example, those that contain avocado oil are a very good choice, since they deeply hydrate and repair, avoiding knots, defining curls and preventing frizz.

When applying the shampoo, it is advisable to do it giving a gentle massage from root to tip, following the direction of hair growth. Avoid doing it in a circular way so that knots or tangles do not form.

Also, to keep it perfectly conditionedit’s advisable cut it frequently, but without shaving or shaving. It is best to make a visit to the dog groomer to have it done by a professional.

And not only because they know what type of technique is best for each dog, but also because you will be able to check its condition and know if the dog is in good health. Let’s not forget that our dogs’ hair is a reflection of their health, both external and internal.

Ear care for curly-haired dogs

The legs and abdomen are areas where a lot of hair tends to accumulate, but it is also convenient to pay attention to the ears, since curly-haired dogs are more prone to suffering otitis. As there is more hair in this area, hygiene becomes more complicated and the ears are not ventilated as well.

To avoid it, it is advisable to clean the ears at least once a week, always trying to do it with a product made with natural ingredients so you can use it daily. In this way, you will prevent dirt from accumulating and infections from appearing. In the event that hair has formed inside the ear, we must go to a professional for its removal.

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