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A Guide To Different Prong Collar Accessories And The Metals Used In H– German Shepherd Shop

by Pets Sos

Herm Sprenger is a company based in Iserlohn, Germany, that produces various types of collars for dog training. They manufacture high-quality collars using various materials, including stainless steel, chromed carbon steel, and curogan. Herm Sprenger collars are typically made using stainless steelwhich is a durable and sturdy material that does not rust or tarnish easily. The stainless-steel collars can also be found with a black coating, but it’s stainless steel under there. The chromed collars are quite sturdy but less resistant to corrosion than stainless steel.

The Herm Sprenger collars made of curogan are an excellent alternative for dogs with nickel allergies or sensitive skin. Regardless of the material used, Herm Sprenger collars are well known for their quality, reliability, and effectiveness in dog training.

When choosing between these collars and materials, there are a few important things to consider.

Firstly, one needs to ask if their dog is allergic to nickel. Dogs with sensitive skin may benefit from collars made from hypoallergenic materials such as curogan. Also, if your dog is allergic to nickel, you should definitely avoid chrome collars since most chrome contains nickel.

Secondly, one needs to consider the dog’s fur type since certain collars can catch and pull on long hair. Long-coated dogs benefit best from larger links.

Thirdly, one should consider the dog’s level of activity. If your dog is highly active or you train a lot or live in a humid or harsh environment, Herm Sprenger’s stainless steel collars are highly recommended since they are sturdy, reliable, and are all but impervious to the elements. If you don’t train much, aren’t active outdoors, live in a milder, dryer climate, and your dog isn’t allergic to nickel; you may get away with buying a cheaper, chromed collar.

Lastly, one should consider their budget as the price varies according to the material and size of the collar. Generally, Herm Sprenger collars come in different sizes, so selecting the right size for the dog’s neck can help the owner save some money. Also, remember, when priced from lowest to highest, it goes chromed, stainless, and then curogan. So don’t get curogan just because it looks cool. Actually, I suppose you can if you want. It can’t hurt anything except your bank balance!

To wrap it up, the best way to choose between stainless Herm Sprenger collars, chromed, and curogan collars is to consider your dog’s physical characteristics, fur type, activity level, and your budget.

Now that that has been taken care of, let’s talk about some of the accessories that exist for prong collars.

First up is the Herm Sprenger ClicLock Quick Release Buckle. Prong collars cannot be slipped over a dog’s head for two reasons. Number 1, if it’s properly fitted, it shouldn’t be able to come off that way, and number 2, there’s too much of a risk of damaging your dog’s eyes. Prong collars must be pinched at the links and slipped out of an adjacent link. Adding the ClicLock buckle means that you now can turn any standard Herm Sprenger prong into a quick-release one where all you have to do is press a button. These are very popular and for good reason.

They come in three sizes to fit every sized Herm Sprenger prong collar. The buckle body is the same size, but holes are specifically designed to fit 2.25mm, 3mm/3.2mm, and 4mm collars. No tools are required to install it. In fact, it installs and removes the same way as opening and closing links to put a non-quick-release collar on your dog. They are high-quality stainless steel and guaranteed not to rust. Remember, you can buy quick-release collars from Herm Sprenger. This piece of kit is specifically designed to turn non-quick-release Herm Sprenger prong collars into quick-release ones.

Next is the ClicLock Jacket. It’s a simple, plastic part that covers the button of the Herm Sprenger ClicLock Quick Release Buckle. Its only jobs are to keep it clean and prevent the button from accidentally being pressed and the collar coming off by mistake. Which would be bad. How bad would depend on the training you were doing that day!

Last but not least, an item not made by Herm Sprenger but sure comes in handy, is the Biothane Prong Collar Backup Safety Connector. Prong collars can have the links come apart if they’re poorly fitted. They rarely come apart when fitted correctly, but it can happen. The point of a backup collar safety connector is to connect a flat collar to your leash so that if the worst happens and the prong does have a link come apart from its mate link, the dog will still be safe and secured with the backup flat collar.

This is very important for the dog’s safety, and if you do protection sports, it’s also good for your decoy or helper’s safety. If you do protection sports or any other kind of similar work with a dog and have had a piece of equipment fail, you know that sinking feeling and panic that comes with it! It’s worth the investment, and I always use one for a “just in case” countermeasure.

And there you have it. A guide to the different materials used in Herm Sprenger products and why different materials exist in the first place. We also threw in some bonus products that may help you out and keep your dog just a little safer. Nothing beats the quality of Herm Sprenger’s prong collars.

If you found this article to be informative or think it can help out people who were curious as to why these products exist and how they’re used and why, please leave a like and share to get this article out there to help them too. Thank you for your time.

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