5 Ways to Show Your Dog Some Extra Love

National Pet Appreciation Week is June 4 – 10, which is the perfect time to honor and celebrate our beloved furry companions. Our dogs bring immense joy, love, and companionship to our lives, and this week provides an opportunity to express our gratitude for their unwavering loyalty. To make this week truly special, here are five wonderful ways to celebrate with your four-legged friend.

Enjoy Quality Time and Adventures:

What better way to appreciate your dog than by spending quality time together? Take them on exciting adventures such as kayaking or hiking in a nearby nature reserve, visiting a dog-friendly beach, or exploring new walking trails. These shared experiences not only strengthen your bond but also provide mental and physical stimulation for your dog, promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Pampering and Grooming:

Show your dog some extra TLC by treating them to a spa day. Schedule a professional grooming session or indulge in a DIY pampering session at home. Give them a relaxing bath, brush their fur, trim their nails, and massage their muscles. Not only will your dog look and smell great, but grooming also helps maintain its overall health and hygiene.

Healthy Treats and Special Meals:

Food is often the way to a dog’s heart! Spoil your furry friend with some delicious and nutritious treats. Consider preparing homemade treats using dog-friendly ingredients like peanut butter, pumpkin, or carrots. Additionally, you can surprise them with a special homemade meal, ensuring it’s well-balanced and suitable for their dietary needs. Remember to consult your veterinarian for any specific dietary considerations.

Interactive Toys and Games:

Engaging your dog in stimulating activities is a fantastic way to show appreciation. Invest in interactive toys, puzzles, or treat-dispensing gadgets that challenge their minds and keep them entertained. Engage in games like fetch, hide-and-seek, or tug-of-war. These activities not only provide mental stimulation but also strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend.

Remember you don’t have to purchase something for it to be a toy. One of my dog’s favorite things to play with is the cardboard from the middle of the paper towels. I also put kibble in large containers, like an empty oatmeal container. I put it on the floor without the lid so my dog can see and smell the kibble. She loves knocking it over until all the kibble falls out. There is also the trend of freezing your dog’s snacks and then watching them break apart the ice to get to it. I love watching dogs enjoy this!

Add a Joint Supplement to Your Dog’s Diet:

One surefire way to spoil your dog and promote their overall well-being is by adding Glyde Mobility Chews to their diet. Joint supplements are specifically formulated to provide essential nutrients that support joint health and mobility. By incorporating these supplements into your dog’s daily routine, you can help alleviate joint discomfort, reduce inflammation, and support cartilage health. Glyde has proven ingredients of New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel (GLM), a primary source of Omega-3 fatty acids, Glucosamine and Chondroitin that work together to improve joint flexibility, promote healthy joint function, and enhance your dog’s overall quality of life. Adding a joint supplement is a simple yet impactful gesture to ensure your furry companion stays active, agile, and pain-free for years to come.

During National Pet Appreciation Week, let’s go the extra mile to express our love and gratitude towards our furry friends. By spending quality time, pampering, providing healthy treats, engaging in stimulating activities, and supporting animal welfare organizations, we can create lasting memories and strengthen our bond with our dogs. Remember, their unwavering loyalty and unconditional love deserve to be cherished every day, not just during this special week.

Keep them active and healthy


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